Mountain Biking around Afan Valley

The Afan Forest Park and Glyncorrwg Ponds Mountain Biking centres provide many trails of various lengths and skill-levels. Whether you’re a family group, a cross-country whippet or hardened downhill rider, you’ll find a suitable trail. Some trails can be linked-up to create longer rides. For coaching, guiding tours and the off-piste experience, take a look at our Coaching, Guiding tours & Bike Shops page.


Grade: Red – Length: 14Km. Penhydd is the oldest trail in the area and starting from the Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre it’s an ideal introduction to the harder trails in the area. “The final descent is undulating natural terrain tracked with fast berms and rolling chutes and drops. There’s nothing rough here, but it’s so fast it’s really challenging to hold your speed and the line.” – MBR
Penhydd trail map (from


Grade: Red – Length: 24Km. Blade starts from the Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre, and can be extended another 23Km by hooking up with the old Skyline loop. “With some tough technical climbs and fast flowing descents it off­ers a fantastic day out for the more experienced rider. Watch out for Groovy Gully and The Rock & Ghost Train sections that will test your climbing and descending skills equally.” – Afan Forest Park
Blade trail map (from

Blue Scar

Grade: Blue – Length: 7km. Starting from the Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre, Blue Scar is the shortest of the trails so great for families and less experienced riders. “At seven kilometres it’s a decent length for beginners, but new riders will need to take care on it as it will flow very fast indeed. The berms are huge too, and while there is a slow and low line through them they can look intimidating at first approach. It goes without saying, then, that practised riders will be able to absolutely rip.” – MBR
Blue Scar trail map (from

Y Wâl (The Wall)

Grade: Red – Length: 23Km. A famed singletrack trail starting from the Afan Forest Park Visitor Center. Trail Guru describes – “A classic South Wales trail centre route, The Wall at Afan is a challenging and thrilling mountain bike ride with a good mixture of ups and downs to test both fitness and skill. The final couple of descents are pure quality with nice flowing singletrack, small jumps and a few tight switchbacks.”
The Wall trail map (from

White’s Level

Grade: Red – Length: 15Km. A very technical trail starting from the Glyncorrwg Ponds Visitor Centre, using about 90% of the purpose-built trail in the area. Described as a “stone-cold classic” by MBR. For an additional challenge there’s now an optional ‘severe’ black run.
Whites Level trail map (from

Grade: Black – Length: 44Km. W² is huge and can be started from either Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre or Glyncorrwg Ponds Visitor Centre, using the other as a half-way food and drink break. It’s a combination of ‘Y Wâl’ and ‘White’s Level’, hence the name.
W2 trail map (from

Need more info?

If you want more info about these trails head over to the Afan Forest Park or Glyncorrwg Ponds Mountain Biking Center sites.